“How often should I have my windows cleaned?”

Most customers have their windows cleaned once a month.

“What if I’m not home?”

“This is not a problem as long as we can access the property. We will leave an invoice along with payment details.”

“Will my frames and sills and doors be cleaned?”

“frames, sills and doors are included in the price.”

“I have windows that are completely out of reach, can they still be cleaned?”

“There is a way to clean most windows, and we are specialists at using high-reach pure water systems, which make even the hardest-to-reach windows easy to clean.”

“Do you use harmful chemicals?”

“The majority of the time, we use fully biodegradable, eco-friendly products, and if you are in any doubt about what we are using, just ask us.”

“how often should I have my gutters cleaned?”

“we recommend that all customers have their guttering cleared and cleaned at least once a year”

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