Gutter, Facia & Soffit Cleaning

Gutter, Facia & Soffit Cleaning

Along with window and conservatory cleaning we are often asked to clean gutters, fascia and soffits. Again we serve an area between Tenby and Narberth, Pembroke, Haverfordwest and Saundersfoot

Algae and dirt build up on fascia boards, soffits and gutters, whilst gutters themselves get clogged with moss and leaves meaning they are arguably the least-maintained part of your house. All these are hard to reach and, let’s face it, cleaning and clearing them is a dirty and time-consuming job. (it can even at times be rather dangerous). It is recommended that you have your gutters cleaned and cleared at least once a year to prevent attic mould or damp to your walls.

About what we do..

  • We do not pressure-wash fascias, soffits and gutters as this leaves residual dirt behind providing a bed for future algae to grow back quickly, whilst water under such pressure can enter the the roof area behind the gutters and fascias.
  • We do perform the job professionally, using dedicated cleaning solutions delivered through our water-fed pole equipment to soften dirt before rinsing to a sparkling finish with pure, de-ionised water.

Using a purpose made Gutter Vac – with three times the power of a domestic vacuum cleaner – we are able to suck out all dirt and debris, wet or dry from your guttering using our extendable suction poles up to 40 feet from the ground.

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