Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

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Roof Cleaning can be a messy job but we always make sure we leave the property clean and tidy. We will protect or move plants and cover over any gravel or grass areas that could be difficult to clean afterwards. It’s really important also to empty out all the gutters and make sure there are no blockages so we always clean and leak test the gutters as part of our clean up procedure.

Areas Covered

We cover all of Pembrokeshire and Carmarthen for Roof Cleaning. So call now for a free roof cleaning survey and quote. Call Now: 07939863774

Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal Pembrokeshire

Moss removal and roof cleaning not only enhances the look of the property but also ensures that it is protected from damage. Biological growth can literally eat away at many roof surfaces. The extra weight and expansion of moss can cause leaks and undesirable water creep under tiles and other roofing materials. A thorough clean and treatment of the roof may add many years to its serviceable life.

We have specialist low-pressure cleaning equipment and we can thoroughly kill off the moss and lichen with a Biocidal treatment to ensure a long-lasting clean. Many roof surfaces can be easily damaged so we survey each roof and take into account the type of roof surface when deciding which cleaning methods to use.

Just removing the moss from a roof will have a very short-lived effect as the moss has established a colony already, conditions are perfect for the moss to regrow and recolonise the roof. A bit like cutting back vegetation in order for it to grow back stronger. It is therefore essential to treat the roof to kill the algae, moss and lichens if a long-lasting clean is to be achieved.

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