Reasons To Clean Your Windows Monthly

Most people take pride in keeping their home clean and tidy, but a lot of people forget the one thing that can add that extra touch to their home – CLEAN WINDOWS!! Improves your window lifespan The build-up of dust, grime and dirt around and on your windowsills can lead to wear and tear asContinue reading “Reasons To Clean Your Windows Monthly”

Window Cleaner – Why Every Business Should Have One

If you own or manage a business, you’ll know that there are hundreds of factors that contribute to it running smoothly. From recruiting staff to making sure the tea bags are topped up in the kitchen. All of them are important in there own way. One of the most critical areas in the majority ofContinue reading “Window Cleaner – Why Every Business Should Have One”

Why you should have your gutters cleaned professionally!

Gutters are perhaps the forgotten component of a house/building, they are not on show and as they blend in to their surroundings they can go unnoticed and unloved. But neglecting your gutters can be a big mistake and could end up as a costly one as they play an important part of the structure of aContinue reading “Why you should have your gutters cleaned professionally!”

Why is holiday home cleanliness so important?

The importance of having a high standard of cleanliness cannot be overlooked. First impressions count and can really have an impact on how positively your guests start their well-deserved break. Cleanliness is frequently commented on in property reviews, which can in turn lead to either a positive or negative impact on your bookings, as guestsContinue reading “Why is holiday home cleanliness so important?”

Advantages Of The Water Fed Pole System

No film is left on the glass so windows stay cleaner for longer Pure water ensures a clear streak-free finish No ladders required – protecting your privacy in upstairs bedrooms Ability to reach previously inaccessible windows, for example above conservatories etc.

Why should I have my gutters cleaned out?

🌟ROOF DAMAGEWhen leaves and other debris clog up your gutters to the point that water is flooding over, you can end up having issues with rot on your roofing. This is one of the main reasons that it’s important to keep your gutters clean. 🌟FOUNDATION DAMAGEIf gutters are not cleaned and water overflows from theContinue reading “Why should I have my gutters cleaned out?”