Pressure Washing 

Just because you can’t see the dirt and grime on the exterior of your home doesn’t mean it’s not there. The accumulated dirt isn’t a reflection of your home maintenance ability. It just happens. Like it or not, your house is always exposed to the elements. But that doesn’t mean you have to sit idlyContinue reading “Pressure Washing “

Reasons To Clean Your Windows Monthly

Most people take pride in keeping their home clean and tidy, but a lot of people forget the one thing that can add that extra touch to their home – CLEAN WINDOWS!! Improves your window lifespan The build-up of dust, grime and dirt around and on your windowsills can lead to wear and tear asContinue reading “Reasons To Clean Your Windows Monthly”

Should You Have Your Windows Cleaned In Rainy Weather?

You have probably heard that cleaning your windows when there is rain in the air is a fool’s errand, a pointless task that will make no difference afterwards. And it has probably become ingrained into you to avoid failing fowl to a wasted task. But what if you live in a town, city or country whoseContinue reading “Should You Have Your Windows Cleaned In Rainy Weather?”